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The BizzyBee Breadboard now available on Kickstarter

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Husband and Wife Maker team Boz and Zelda Krumlauf BZCORE Technologies
was founded by Husband and Wife Maker team Boz and Zelda Krumlauf to lead evolutionary Innovation in
the next generation of
Open Hardware exploration
Our Mission Statement

We aim to bridge the gap between the sparks and circuit, hardware hacking Maker communities,
the Artistic and Education communities, as well as the consumer end user by leveraging Open Hardware Technologies
for a broader audience


By creating projects, education materials, and hardware with enough horsepower, hackability and customization under the hood to offer a gain to expand experimentation for the hobby engineering community, while also bringing a blending of the necessary finishing touches, consumer sophistication and documentation to increase accessibility and simplicity for the more plug & play end user and consumers, ultimately leveraging the advantages, exploration and opportunities Open Hardware brings to many environments, projects and collaborations, FOR ALL

to be able to stay in touch, informed, and even be inqusitive.

If you have any questions you would like answered, information you would like to share, ideas for improvement of existing projects or even grand visions for new projects we can help you with,
we want to hear from you.

Or feel free to use our
to let us know how we may assist you in any way.

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